Congratulations to our 2022 Bright Star Scholars!
The 2022-2023 Bright Star Scholarship Application opens January 4, 2023.

For a decade a dream of Hopkins County natives John and Deborah Gillis has been to give back to their hometown and extended communities by providing scholarships to students who otherwise might not have the opportunities to attend post-secondary educational institutions of their choice.

Thus, the John and Deborah Gillis Foundation was created and formed as a result of that dream and exists to do just that – provide Hopkins County graduates with opportunities to realize THEIR own dreams of furthering their education so to become competitive in the world of work and career advancements!

In addition to providing scholarships for graduates in Hopkins County, the John and Deborah Gillis Foundation exists to provide the school districts and campuses with grant opportunities to support them as they work to increase the quality of college and career readiness for ALL students.

The foundation will consistently work closely with Hopkins County school districts to ensure a strong alignment between their own educational goals and the foundation’s mission and goals of college and career readiness. The grant funding’s intentions are ultimately to increase Hopkins County graduates’ chances of competing in a global society for college entrances of their choice and competitive career opportunities.

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